strategic web design and development Custom Essay

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earning Outcomes addressed:

? Critically appraise different strategic approaches in order to achieve business objectives through a web presence.?
? Assess the social, ethical and legal implications of e-business and their impact in strategic web design.?
? Identify the key security concerns for e-commerce and assess the challenges encountered in setting up a corporate security policy.

You will be assigned a website ( and you will be expected to complete the following tasks:
1: evaluate the site in terms of Scope, usefulness, authority, content, reliability, and structure.(30%)
2:appraise the company’s strategic approach towards achieving their objectives by means of a website and discuss whether, in your opinion, their web presence is fully aligned with their organizational strategy and provides an adequate means of trading.(30%)
3:Identify the business model/s utilised on this site and justify your identification. From the perspective of keeping the e-business trading over time, how important is flexibility, in terms of business models in your opinion? (20%)
4:Evaluate the Identify the key security concerns and discuss ways in which the company can enhance their e-commerce security policy.(20%)

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