Strategies for Promoting Health or Managing Disease: Diabetes Custom Essay

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Identify two strategies used in health promotion or disease management programs you have studied or know about personally (Diabetes)
Describe the ways in which these strategies were creative and/or effective.

Second paragraph

Analyze whether these strategies were culturally specific to this group, or whether they might be applied to any population.

Third paragraph

Propose a creative strategy for your program and explain why it will likely contribute to its effectiveness. Provide a rationale and support for this strategy from your learning resources and other sources of evidence.

Summarized the paper

Reading Resources:

Chapter 5 – Current Strategies to Serve Vulnerable Populations

This chapter critiques many community health programs currently in operation, focusing in particular on how they address mechanisms of vulnerability.

Chapter 6 Resolving Disparities in the United States

Synthesizing much from the previous chapters, this chapter discusses strategies that the authors consider to be the most progressive and effective in rectifying health disparities.

Article: Wideman, M., Pizzello, L., & Lemke, S. (2008). Impact of nursing case management on an underserved population. Home Health Care Management & Practice, 21(1), 17-22. Retrieved from the Walden Library using the SAGE Premier 2010 database:

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