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The purpose of this assignment is to learn about your organisation and the context in which it operates and to choose one job on which to focus for the rest of the consultancy project. this the company i am going to work with that is the web site for the following part
Provide some relevant background on the organisation. Give concise statements of the organisation’s business activities, goals and business strategy. Describe the products and/or services provided by your organisation, the type of clients your organisation serves, the location of sites (branches) in your organisation (or the site with which you are specifically working), and the number of incumbents in each major job category.

1.2 Describe your organisation’s culture. Is there anything distinctive about it?

1.3 Describe your organisation’s approach to human resources. Are they consciously aware of what their HR strategy is? How do they view/treat employees? Is this consistent with their stated strategic aims (vertical fit)? In so far as you can tell at this early stage, are practices consistent with each other (horizontal fit)? Be specific about how fits do or do not seem to exist. Do not be surprised if a small organization cannot enunciate its “HR strategy.” Ask enough questions about what they do, believe, and feel to intuit for yourself what their approach is.

1.4 Select one focal job to be the target of the rest of the assignments you will complete in this project. This should be a job in which there are multiple incumbents, so it provides scope for you to talk about recruiting, selection, training, etc. It should be a job where there is room for you to add value by developing recommendations, processes, or tools that are helpful to the organisation.
(Hint: This is an important decision. In the past, groups have sometimes selected a job with only one incumbent who was unlikely to leave (making recruitment and selection moot) and who was already very experienced (leaving little to do in the training and development assignment). You will be better off selecting a job with more people in it. For instance, if you are working with David Jones at Robina Town Centre, select clerk or department head rather than store manager.)

1.5 Identify the top two or three human resource challenges that your organisation faces with respect to the focal job. Briefly but clearly explain each and justify each choice. For instance, the organisation could have issues with HR planning or succession, attracting too few applicants, selecting people who don’t work out, not entirely meeting training needs, having a compensation system that does not optimally attract and motivate staff, lacking appraisal and feedback systems such that staff are unclear of what is expected or how they are doing, experiencing excessive employee turnover, absenteeism or other misbehaviour, etc.

Justify and quantify the challenges with data whenever possible, don’t just take the sponsor’s word for it. For instance, the sponsor complains that turnover is high, ask how high is it exactly (e.g. of the X people in the focal job, how many have quit in the past 6 months) and how does this cause a problem for the organisation? Subsequent analyses and recommendations will be tightly linked to these problems and organisational realities. For instance, if recruitment is problematic for your focal job, you may spend considerable time later developing recommendations to deal with this issue. But if the organisation is swimming in qualified applicants, there will be no need to recommend new means of attracting still more applicants. Instead, you may focus on reducing recruiting methods to those most likely to produce high quality applicants.

Hint: Start NOW to learn more about the key challenges you identified, by reading ahead in the book and/or finding materials in the library. For instance, if excessive employee turnover is a problem, jump ahead and read about it, then visibly build retention into your suggestions for recruitment, selection, and compensation. If employee motivation is an issue, you could start to research different kinds of financial and non-financial incentive systems as well as other ways to motivate employees such as goal setting and feedback systems. Start to think about which of assignments 5-7 you will choose to do, because it meets a genuine need in your organization. Plan to go beyond the text and readings assigned in the subject to research approaches to dealing with the specific issues faced by your organization.

Write a survey based on the attached file because I have to meet with company’s manager so I can collect the information to cover all the parts on the attached file (PART2 survey info.). So later after collecting the information I will do another report based on the survey.

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