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(Street Gangs is the topic I have chosen) Research and write an 7-8 page paper with double-spaced text. Please refer to posted UMUC writing guides and APA citation guidelines. Explain how one of the following topics associates with, interacts with, conflicts with, supports and/or detracts from homeland security. (Street Gangs is the topic I have chosen) criteria: Structure of paper (see format below) Expression of thesis statement Identification and analysis of counterarguments Selection and use of research materials Creative and/or critical opinions Clear and concise writing Formation of logical arguments and conclusions Proper citation of sources Grammar and citation style (APA, 6th ed.) ** In regards to your research, I realize that much of your source material will be located on the internet. I recommend that you print hardcopies of your sources. In the past, I’ve asked students to verify their sources, and it simplifies things greatly if you have the documentation readily available. Personally, whenever I write anything, I keep all my sources in folder or box, so I can immediately address any issue or rectify any mistake. Here is the recommended format for the paper: 1. Background: Write a brief overview of the subject discussed in your paper. For example, if your topic is criminal street gangs, discuss what street gangs are, and the problems they create for society. (1-2 page) 2. Hypothesis/Argument: Provide your thesis statement or the question you seek to answer in your paper. For example, you might write, Does the transnational scope of Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) pose a threat to homeland security?(question), or Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) poses a threat to homeland security due to the following factors: (thesis statement). 3. Analysis: Make your case. Support or explain your position by using the research or opinions of other scholars. Also, identify counterarguments and explain why they do not detract from your position. This section will make up the majority of the paper. (6 – 7 pages)

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