Study design and Analytical planning – Quantitative Research Custom Essay

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Assessment item 1 has two parts:

Part 1-Study design report

The purpose of the study design report is to assess understanding of fundamental concepts of quantitative research design and sampling technique as well as your comprehension of basic concepts as a foundation for the remaining statistical analyses. This assignment requires students to provide:

1. Precise hypotheses (definition of dependant and independent variables and their levels of measurement)
2. Type of design (whether the design was experimental/observational)
3. Definition of observational unit vs observations (ie., dependencies in the data)
4. Sampling approach and sampling strategies.
5. Identification of potential sources of measurement error and bias (confounding, imprecision)

Part 2-Analytical planning and descriptive data analysis

The purpose of the assignment is to consolidate concepts associated with planning a comprehensive analysis of a dataset and analysing data using descriptive data analysis approach. A written analytical plan of a given study (in a given dataset), describing the approach you would take to preparing, analysing and presenting results of a study.
This assignment requires students to:

1. Provide clear statement of both the null (H0) and alternative hypotheses (H1)
2. For each testable scientific hypothesis, list variables and define their levels of measurement
3. Summarise the relationship: choose how you would summarise the relationship between the two variables and draw a ‘dummy’ table of how the results for this relationship would look in your final report
4. Choose the statistical test: choose the most appropriate statistical test, check assumption for that test and make final choice of test based on whether or not assumptions are met
5. Plan the level of statistical significance that will be applied to tests
6. Write out what you would say about the results in your final report to a non-statistical audience

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