Summary Reports from IPA confirming summary from DAVID custom essay

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I am attaching the files from IPA analysis and summary work from DAVID (word file attached). In the file ?GI Accession to EntrezID.xlsx? the last column contains the gene identification symbols reported by IPA that correspond to the proteins of our identification. All the other files are summary reports from the IPA analysis that indicate which proteins emerged as associated with the particular functions i.e. tox, disease, general biological function, and pathways etc. The probability levels in most of these is listed as the ?log p, so numbers larger than 1.3 represent significance at the 0.05 level which we are using as our cutoff. These analyses confirm the DAVID results, but also point to some additional pathways such as LXR/RXR activation and acute phase response signaling. This should help complete interpretation of the complete results.

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