Supporting Strategy Course Work custom essay

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Supporting Strategy
A critical reflection of how a selection of different approaches(1) can be combined to support strategic development. In order to conduct the analysis you will need to research and reference relevant literature. You may consider issues such as :
1. Strengths and weaknesses of each of chose approaches
2. How complementary are the approaches when used in combination
3. What impact does the ordering of the methods have? Are there particular orderings that are better than others?
(1) Between 3-5 approaches. You should not include the combination of the three approaches already covered in chapter 14 of the course text (i.e. drama theory, system dynamics and scenario planning) or use only approaches mentioned in the book.
The collection of topics covered by the book include:
drama theory, visioning, problem-structuring methods, resource-based view of strategy, SWOT/TOWS analysis, system dynamics, agent-based modelling, scenario planning, decision and risk analysis, financial evaluation, real options, robustness analysis and performance measurement.

Other recommended approaches: Agent based models, Balanced Scorecard, Cognitive Mapping,Data Mining, Decision Analysis, value chain analysis, six sigma, forecasting, core competencies, multivariate statistical analysis, PEST analysis, Porter?s 5 forces, cost benefit analysis, Portfolio Matrices(eg BCG) etc

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