Synergetic Solutions Report Custom Essay

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Resource: Organizational Structure Simulation

Run the Organizational Structure Simulation (Attached). You may want to run the simulation more than once to ensure that you are familiar with the various decision points in the simulation and the affect that your choices had on the outcome.

Prepare a 1,250-word internal report concerning the change that is occurring at Synergetic Solutions. Write an analysis of the issues involved in this simulation. In the analysis, include the following:

• Describe at least three internal and external forces of change for Synergetic Solutions.

• What factors does a leader in this organization need to weigh to implement a change strategy successfully? Describe at least two change models the leader might employ. Evaluate the communication necessary to implement change using these models.

• What kinds of resistance might the leader expect to see in Synergetic Solutions? Identify and explain at least five kinds of resistance. What strategies might you employ to manage each of these areas of resistance?

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