System Dynamics Modeling for project Management custom essay

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I would like to suggest possible structure for the research paper. You are welcome to use the theme paper provided plus 6 tutorial readings to develop this paper, but this paper has to be well grounded and backed by focused and through review of literature. 1. Develop a topic/area of interest with regards to the application of SDM to PM ###Try to think about different problematic areas (i.e. managing dynamic complexity in projects and suggest the application of SDM to unpack the problem areas) that you have had encountered during the process of management of projects within organisations. It could be the problem areas for initiating new project as implementation of new project and its successful delivery would require management plan. Let’s then take 1 of the problematic area and develop it further which has to be backed by reviews of literature (say 6-8 good journal articles). 2. Develop the framework for the successful delivery of management plan/process/outcome on the basis on 1. ### What is the state of the art in this area of research and practice? What can be learned from the existing research of this specific area of SDM and PM management (refer to 1)? What could possibly be a new/revised/modified model to drive this sort of SDM management practice and change as well as to deal with the challenges highlighted in 1? 3. Discuss a particular organisational SDM management case study and highlight their approaches to deal with this type of change so that potential drawback of the existing practice could be identified. 4. suggest how could the revised/improved model presented in 2 could be applied in 3 5. Conclusions, recomendations and implications 6. References

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