System Security Assignment Custom Essay

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1. On the 6th July 2005 the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced that the Olympic
Games would be held in London 2012. The voting was done in secret. I want you to discuss
how you could have found out this information before it was the officially released. You
should be as detailed as possible.
For the same scenario, I want you to discuss how you could have influenced this decision to
ensure that London is not awarded the games. You should be as detailed as possible. [You
must ensure that you influence the decision, not just change the result.]
2. You are to identify a website and appraise all of the possible vulnerabilities that may exist
because of incorrect input validation. By doing this you should detail the possible input
methods and the way that those input methods could be exploited. At no point are you to
attempt to exploit any vulnerabilities that you identify ? doing so will result in an instant
FAIL of this coursework!
3. You are to identify a worm that has previously been released. In your analysis of
functionality (and perhaps the code) you should state how you would redesign the worm
and why. You should also include a discussion of the new counter-measures that should be
taken to prevent your new worm from propagating.
4. You should port scan either a system that you own or the vulnerable system used for the
laboratories. You should discuss what is vulnerable and how it could be exploited. You only
need to provide links to exploit code.

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