Tender Submission Custom Essay

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Assignment brief
The University of Glamorgan wishes to employ consultants to carry out
research into the employability of its students upon graduation from
BEng Engineering courses.
The aims of the project are to
(a) Identify the skills required by Welsh Employers in the
Engineering Sector
(b) Gauge the level of employer’s satisfaction with University of
Glamorgan Graduate Engineers
Your company is required to submit a tender for the study. The tender
document should include the following information:
(a) Understanding of the project brief
(b) Previous experience in this field
(c) Methodology for study
(d) Deliverables
(e) Proposed team / resources
(f) Cost estimate and hourly rates for key personnel
(g) Payment schedule
Submission requirements
The project teams have been assigned and are provided on
Part A – Tender Document
Each team should prepare a tender document which includes all the
information requested in the project brief above.
Part B – Appendix to the Tender Document
The document should include an Appendix/Appendices that include(s)
the following information, which would not normally be included in a
client submission, but would be carried out as part of your company’s
tender processes.
(a) Project Risk Assessment
(b) Breakdown of staff rates into salary / overhead / profit
(c) Cash flow forecast
Part C – Group Presentation
Each team are required to present a 15 minute Tender Pitch to show
why their company should be appointed for this work. There will be 5
minutes for questions following the presentation.
All members of the team must contribute to the presentation.

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