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You will need your textbook to answer question 1-3.
Textbook is THE DEVELOPING PERSON THROUGH CHILDHOOD & ADOLESCENCE. Kathleen Berger. Eighth Edition. Worth Publishers ISBN-13: 978-1-4292-1647-0
This text is available from the West L.A. college bookstore

Question 1 answers can be found in chapter 1.
1. Define the science of human development. Identify and describe (3 sentences each) the three domains in the study of human development. Give your own (not the books) example (5 sentences) of a everyday situation in which the three domains interact with each other. Describe (5 sentences each) both sides of the Nature vs Nurture controversy. What do you think is true about this controversy (5 sentences)?

Question 2 answers are in chapter 2.
2. Discuss (3 paragraphs – 4 sentences each) the differences between classical and operant conditioning. Give a 4 sentence example for each of the 2 types of conditioning. Define reinforcement and give an example (4 sentences) of a positive reinforce. Define assimilation, accommodation, and disequilibrium. Describe (4 sentences each) guided participation and zone of proximal development. Give an example (3 sentences each) of each of these terms.

Question 3 answers are found in chapters 3 & 4 of your textbook.
3. Define genes and chromosomes. Describe ( 4 sentences) the difference between an individual’s genotype and phenotype. Identify the three periods of prenatal development and describe (3 sentences each) three significant developments that occur in each period.

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