Term Paper ecology in Canada; Canadian animal or plant population (the Grizzly Bear population in Banff or the Resident Killer Whale population off the coast of B.C. custom essay

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choose a Canadian animal or plant population (e.g., the Grizzly Bear population in Banff or the Resident Killer Whale population off the coast of B.C.) and discuss the following issues.

I have chosen the gray wolves population In canada

here is a link to a great book that could be of use as well ,
refrence :
Busch, Robert H. ” The Wolf Almanac.” Lyons & Burford, 1995. (1995): 226. Print.(text book)

online version- http://annwyn.info/wolf/wolf26.html

Is your population increasing or decreasing or staying approximately constant? (estimate r if possible from the available data).
2) If your population is consistently decreasing in size can you determine from the published literature which factors might be responsible? How might you halt the decline of the population? (If your population is increasing so fast that the species is becoming a pest then how would you halt this increase?).
3) If you have access to census population sizes for a number of different years then how would you characterize the dynamics of your population? (irruptive, cyclic, equilibrium, non-equilibrium).
4) Do you think your population suffers from inbreeding depression or loss of genetic variability?
5) What recommendation(s) would you make to the government agency responsible for managing this population?

In your essay, you must use and cite at least two references from the primary (peer-reviewed) scientific literature that are as close as possible to your essay topic. One of these references should have been published within the last two years (2010, 2011 or 2012). In addition, you may also reference your textbook, popular articles, or the World Wide Web. As will be explained if you sign up for a specialized library tour, the primary scientific literature consists of papers using original data published in journals in which the papers have been peer-reviewed. The library has computer databases that you can use to find scientific literature on your essay topic.
Please keep the length of your essay below THREE pages of double-spaced type no smaller than 12 point not including pictures or graphs. This does not include the Literature Cited and the references there can be single-spaced. Please use one-inch margins and only print on one side of the paper. The references only should be formatted as described in the ?Instructions to Authors? for the journal published by the Ecological Society of America called Ecology. You should only list references in the Literature Cited that you actually cite. Within the text of your essay, you should use the name and date (Harvard) system to cite the reference ideas taken from articles 8
that you have read even if you reword them. Do NOT use footnotes. I will also hand out a peer evaluation sheet, which you will use for peer grading on D2L.

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