Terrorism Preparedness and Response custom essay

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The autumn morning is sunny with heavy crowds using the various subway trains. It is a perfect day for shopping at the mall and other shopping areas around the city. As passengers are boarding a subway there’s an explosion that rips the on-coming train apart. Panic takes over most of the crowd. Several minutes there’s another explosion in the station. More panic.

A security guard quickly dials 9-1-1: “I’m calling from the Waldorf Station. We’ve just had an explosion in station and one on a train.” Everybody’s screaming. I don’t know how many are injured… People are injured and some appear to be quite serious! ”

I. Based on the above description, what type of disaster do you believe happened at this instance?

A. What would the first three actions you would take if you considered it to be a terrorist attack?

B. Whom would you immediately contact and what would you tell them or ask of them? Since the shoppers are panic-stricken what are your most significant fears if order is not quickly restored?

C. What recommendations or advice would you provide the disaster coordinator-Incident Commander at this time?

D. Briefly describe what you consider should be an appropriate media response to this disaster scenario. Also be sure to consider current U.S. policy against terrorism and the role of Federal agencies and the implementation of the NRP.

Please give a well supported response.

II. After reviewing the following article cited below please respond to the following question:

Question: Rarely do political leaders openly discuss cost management and life-cycle cost theory when they address security issues and the “war on terrorism.” Of course, we all know that decisions are always made with costs a clear concern. Carefully read the six steps used to implement the LLC methodology. Briefly discuss what you believe to be a strength and a weakness in the LLC methodology.

Note: I realize that this can be a difficult assignment; however, the purpose of presenting this assignment is that it will bring to you an appreciation of the depth of operations required to actually fight terrorism. In planning and operations the successful operations are theory-based. When things so wrong or are very successful, planners and those in command always revert back to review the theories upon which the guided the operations. From theories come the conceptualized frameworks for an operation or plan. This part of our efforts to protect us from a terrorist attack may seem boring to some of you but it actually goes to the “heart” of the matter.

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