Terrorist threat to the U.S. is at the vital level of interest Custom Essay

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Terrorist threat to the U.S. is at the vital level of interest; United States has been under increased threat by terrorist and it is of interest of all security agencies and the government of United States to ensure that the threat is mitigated. However United State is also threatened by the defense of Soviet Union against communism which is also referred to as a survival interest of United State. The difference of Communism by Soviet Union and terrorism is that communism has been in existence for a long and it is not a direct threat to United State while terrorism had been escalating by the day and it’s a direct threat to United States (Bartholomees, 2008).

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warfare and terrorist simply don\’t pose the same level of threat; According to (U.S. National Security Council, 2006) conventional warfare is a state of war which is conducted by using military weapons and battlefield tactics between states in open confrontation. Which, Soviet Union can’t due to logistic problem as the countries are not close to each other and United States has better fighting machineries. However, they can paralyze their operations by attacking the countries which depend on for supply of goods and services. To my opinion terrorist has a higher threat than Soviet Union although it can not as well confront United States in conventional war (Nuechterlein, 2000)….

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Although USSR sought to dominate the world by having more military and economical power it did not achieve it. Nations which had made up USSR withdrew by each seeking independence this move weakened USSR. Britain played a major role in the separation together with Europe to create the State of Israel which was viewed by Arabs states with skepticism and reiterated by formation of terrorism as a form of violence against such moves by Britain and Europe (Stolberg, 2006)….

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