TESOL-Building Background, Objectives, and Standards Custom Essay

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Topic 3: Building Background, Objectives, and Standards
1. Produce and correlate language and content objectives with state and national content and English learner standards.
2. Develop a lesson for a particular learner audience that builds on students ‘ background knowledge. Access and become familiar with the Office of English Language Acquisition page of the United States Department of Education website.

Assignment Lesson Plan-Part I?Part ll will be sent to you next week.Part ll will be an add on to the lesson begun in topic 3 assignment(lesson plan).

Develop a lesson for a particular learner audience that builds on students’ background knowledge.
1. In your lesson include language content objectives that correlate with state and national content and English Learner standards.
2. Use one of the lesson plan templates found in Appendix B of the text.
3. Include a reflection of how the lesson specifically builds on students’ background knowledge and why this is important to the content.
APA style is not required, but solid writing skill is expected. This assignment uses a grading rubric.

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