Tetrodotoxin custom essay

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Had allocated the name of a drug-Tetrodotoxin. Your task is to thoroughly research your given compound, using your textbook, library and journal sources (minor Internet resources can be used), and to produce a summarising your findings.Please note that pharmaceutical company internet sources should only be used sparingly – you need to research primary literature material for the most recent scientific studies. Criteria : Content Information covered should include clinical uses, development and clinical trials, toxicology, cellular mechanisms of action, side effects and interactions, pharmacokinetics and comparisons with other drugs or toxins where appropriate and interesting facts. Information must be concise and easy to comprehend. 30 MARKS Research Intensive information searching outside of the Study Guide and textbook should be evident. Research material used should consist primarily of articles from refereed journals, textbooks and some Internet sources. 20 MARKS Organisation The content of the poster should be concise and separated into defined sections. All posters should have a clear heading/title with the author’s name and affiliation underneath in addition to the following sections: Introduction/Pharmacology/Pharmacokinetics/Toxicology/ Conclusions/References 20 MARKS References All sources (including Internet resources) should be listed in a small print at the end of the poster. The reference list should be constructed according to the “Harvard” style. 10 MARKS Presentation Should have high reader impact. Good use of colour schemes and font styles and sizes should be evident. Bullet points should be used where appropriate. Abbreviations should be explained when first used. Any diagram must be of good quality and sources must be acknowledged appropriately. 30MARKS

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