textual (aesthetic and aural) analysis Case Study

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first essay assignment is a textual (aesthetic and aural) analysis of a single television commercial as an example of one of the advertising “parables” theorized by Roland Marchand. Your goal in this assignment is to demonstrate how the advertisement is constructed (visually and aurally—through elements of mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing, sound/music/effects) to tell a parable, as defined by Marchand in his essay, “The Great Parables.” How does your chosen ad exemplify one of the Great Parables? What “solutions” to personal and broader social problems does this advertisement promise? For whom? Given that Marchand focuses on ads from the 19-teens and 1920s, how does your chosen commercial differ from or adapt this parable for a different era?

Watch the below advertisements to write/to apply Marchand’s theses.
Chewy Granola

essay must demonstrate a clear understanding of Marchand’s definition of the parable you choose to write about. Your analysis of the commercial should be detailed. Do not summarize the ad (you can presume your reader is thoroughly familiar with the advertisement), but, through careful analysis, clearly explain how the advertisement creates certain kinds of meaning through its particular combination of images/sounds. You must propose an original thesis that your analysis then proves to your reader.

Each essay should be 4 pages in length, typed, and double-spaced using a font of no larger than 12-point. Your essay should have a title page with an original title that points to the central ideas of your argument. The title page should include: original title, the course number, your name, and the date on which you turned in your paper. Do not repeat any of this information on the succeeding pages of your paper.

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