The Advantages of an E-Commerce Website: E-commerce Processes Essay

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E-commerce Processes; An E-commerce website has multiprocessing capability to support multiple processes at any given time to meet the diversified instructions of the users concurrently. For the purpose of this paper deliverables I shall evaluate on the processes which took place in the shopping cart, wish list, sales and returns, bidding, search, shipping, and tracking of goods sold. In each of the process I shall list on the activities which take place in the processes and finalize with a flow chart which shall link all the processes of E-Commerce website. The processes under review will be based on FYC, which is a furniture company implementing an E-Commerce website to support sales of its goods and ordering of goods online…

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The customer shall be able to buy goods online and pay for them using different means of electronic payments which would either be by use of debt or credit card, PayPal and other means considered fit by the website company. However, the most challenging process is returning goods once they are paid or sold over the internet this is an area which is much a challenge but it might be achievable in future because most of the things which are being done today they were impossible some years ago…

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In conclusion When the customer is placing an order they include their name, contacts and address where the goods should be delivered. Upon receipt of the information of the customers the company they prepare the goods which needs to be delivered to the customer and address them properly and hand them over to the dispatch department which enters the details of the goods being sent in the system and notifies the customers of the order/dispatch number so that they…

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