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THE AMERICAN PEOPLE SINCE 1877 Required Text: Boyer, Paul S., Clark, Clifford E., et al. The Enduring Vision. Volume II: from 1865, 7th Edition. Houghton Mifflin Company ISBN: 1111476098 please make sure the info comes from the book. Thanks My topic What were the conditions for the freedmen (men, women and children who had been in slavery), during the Reconstruction era and the years following. Include important laws, both local and Federal laws, including three Constitutional Amendments. Include living conductions, problems, faced by the freemen in education, employment, violence, etc. Also include in your essay important leaders for civil rights of the time (in Chapters 16 – 21). What do you think could have been done to improve the lives of the freedmen during this time…by local authorities, local government, and the Federal government and its agencies? Teachers Notes The last part of the your test will be the essay portion. This section will be worth 50 points. You will have a choice of two essay questions to choose from. You should begin with an introduction, and I expect a minimum of at least two or three good paragraphs for a well developed answer, and a good conclusion. Be aware that an essay question will have several parts, and each should be carefully addressed in your essay. You will need to provide good factual information. I also want to see that you have thought about the question. I will not grade you for grammar nor spelling on the unit tests, though your essay question must be answered in good essay form. On the essay portion longer and more complete answers will again receive higher grades. For the 50 point essay portion, a 45 to 50 will be earned for those responses in which the student writes a good essay (good essay form, grammar, and sentence structure), with an introduction, a minimum of two or three good supporting paragraphs, and a good conclusion, and who addresses correctly and fully all parts of that essay question.

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