The assignment takes the form of a report to the CEO at the company headquarters Custom Essay

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1. Scenario: The assignment takes the form of a report to the CEO at the company headquarters. You can select the company of your choice from the 40 Australian international company posted separately on Wattle.

2. Your assignment should contain a maximum of 2,000 words ±10%. You should bear in mind the following:
• the CEO knows the company and its products or services well and thus does not need specific information about those;
• the CEO needs to be informed about the possible risks, threats/opportunities to the company caused by peculiarities of the business environment in the foreign country;
• attention should be paid to any aspect of the business environment relevant to the firm and its products/services, such as political environment, government regulation, commercial law, IP, level and rate of economic development, demographics, position in international trade and investment, environmental law, regional cooperation, etc.;
• the main purpose of the assignment is to analyse the business environment in a country for the Australian company of your choice. Do not copy general information about the country from the internet but limit yourself to a sharp analysis of what is relevant to the CEO;
• report and rationalise both successes and failures;
• your analysis of the past, and present can help you recommend ways to overcome challenges and/or improve upon in the near future;
• a standard assignment cover sheet upon submission;
• bear in mind that for this assignment, you are required to conduct research that goes well beyond the data/info contained in the textbook for this course.

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