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answer the following questions. not a formal paper Based on the readings, explain the different ways in which friendships, family and couple relationships are not as “natural” as we may imagine them to be? Do you agree with the differences Carroll and Platt outline? What sorts of misunderstandings can arise from attitudes or situations that seem so similar? Does “Ma Vie en rose” conform to Platt’s and Carroll’s explanations of the French family? What makes this film so compelling in your opinion? (Or, alternatively, why does it fail to be compelling?) Please site specific examples from the film. Requirement: •read chapter (Friendship),Cultural Misunderstandings by Raymonde Carroll •read chapter Parents and Children (Carroll) •read chapter The Family: Rules, Closeness, and the Esprit Critique,French or Foe by Polly Platt •read The Couple (Carroll) •Watch film “Ma Vie en Rose”

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