the feminist philosophy of the ethic of care and Education in secondary stage. custom essay

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This is a philosophy of education literature review about Ethic of care and its affect on secondary female teacher’s. terms to be focused on: Care; compassion; empathy (patriarchal vs.feminism); respect;
Philosophers and writers:
Nel Noddings; Carol Gilligan, bel hooks, Sara Lawrence lightfoot, Patricia Collins, Salaigmen, Rosenthal. Carl Rogers
Feminist Theorist Carol Gilligan, was the first to speak about voice and the Ethic of caring. Nel Noddings took the concept and delved into it more deeply and manifested her philosophy of care and education of which we would like to base this paper on. I’m interested in Caring or the Ethic of care and its grounds in teachers in Secondary stages in a comparative study between the United States and the Islamic middle east.
My MAIN question is
Question: What does the professional literature in education, psychology, and sociology define as the stages of building caring teaching/educational styles for secondary education?
Side questions:
Q: what is caring?
Q: what are the origins of caring?
Q: What are the origins of the ethic of care in Middle eastern teachers?
Q: Are there particular challenges to teachers who exhibit an ethic of care in their practice?
Q: How can it manifest itself into the female teacher’s pedagogy in school? is it derived from memories of care, family incidents? how is crystalized into a coherent philosophy that can be applied in a secondary teachers’ day day life, work.
I would like to look at it form a positive psychology perspective as in Salaigmen’s findings form his longitudinal studies. In addition to, Rosenthal’s caring and teaching (Pygmalion in the classroom) Also, Michael Polanyi’s positivism.
Is there any Islamic scholarship focusing on caring teaching philosophies ? whether old or current?

Summary of a previous paper related to this literature review

My research concentrates on the literature of caring as it relates to students and the people who care for them in secondary middle easter islamic schools. This includes teachers, parents, and administrators. I have looked at what relates to caring in these roles. According to Noddings (2001), ?mothering is not a role it is a relationship?. Such a relationship fosters compassion, respect and inclusion. ? Achieving inclusion,? as Noddings (2001) further notes, ?is a part of teaching successfully, and who cannot practice inclusion fails as a teacher?the mutual inclusion moves a relationship away from that of teacher-student towards friendship.? Therefore, teachers are considered the intercessors between home and school.
In Caring As Tenacity: Stories of Urban School Survival, (1999), Pitman summarizes the characteristics of the Ethic of Care as ?(1) relationship and commitment, (2) mutuality and reciprocity, (3) participation and continuity, (4) concern for and acceptance of the other.? That being said, the prior research relating to Kuwait?s education systems has scarcely focused on these characteristics as their focal point of research. Al-Sahel indicates in his article, Teachers? Perceptions of Underachievement in Elementary Schools in Kuwait (2005), that one of the factors of underachievement in Kuwaiti schools is the complex process of the communication between school, home and the students. The lack of care in the communication process between the parents and the teachers weakens the relationship between them. It is safe to say according to Al-Sahel (2005) Sharaf (2006), teachers face continuous frustration in their first two years of employment, due to either their lack or preparation in their teachers preparation programs or to short experience in building a relationship with parents, which would affect the quality of the relationship between them. Such a weak link would extend its effects onto the students? relationship and aptness to the tasks required of them at school (Al-Sahel 2005; Pitman, Zorn, 1999), hence the students face unseen obstacles. This causes them to fall into the category of underachievers.
This research study situates caring communication as a focal point of research and will examine the effect of caring communication between students and the people involved in teaching them. This research study will also, examine the importance of teaching the ethic of care as a main element in teacher preparation programs and also, how it manifest itself into building a better relationship between parents, students and teachers in the same time.

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