The Holocaust custom essay

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My professor says it has to be formal. no slang-contractions-abbreviations and no third person, every number shown in the paper has to be written out fully. Also if you can do the title page on a separate sheet of paper like this. put the information like this in the middle of the paper. also centered The Holocaust By: Khelson Saldanha Franklin Payne ENC1102 March 28, 2011 one of the “number of pages” i included has to be an outline.i need an out line page before the essay that looks something like this (This has to be done on a single sheet for all paragraphs in the essay this is the outline for just one paragraph but has to be done for all the paragraphs.) OUTLINE Thesis statement I. Topic sentence of the paragraph A. Major detail of the paragraph 1. Minor detail about the major detail 2. Minor detail about the major detail B. another Major detail of the paragraph 1. Another Minor detail about the major detail 2. Another Minor detail about the major detail My paper is about the holocaust, This research paper will show what the people went through in The Holocaust. How The Holocaust became what it was and how it ended it does not have to be in that order. The introduction paragraph must have a thesis Statement and in the introduction you need to say what the essay is going to be about and in what order. Then the Body of the essay has to have facts about the holocaust. only 3 quotes must be used throughout the whole essay and cited in the paragraph if you used the quotes. everything else has to be paraphrased and cited if you choose to paraphrase something. everything has to be facts no opinion or personal experience. The conclusion summarizes the essay. The amount of paragraphs does not matter but it has to be at least 2,000 words. Also this book “The holocaust” by Frank McDonough and John Cochrane has to be cited. The works cited page has to be a separate page.

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