The Importance of Arts Education In American Schools: Are Our Schools Killing Creativity? custom essay

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I strongly believe that arts education is essential to providing our children a whole, well rounded future. It is essential for them to learn to think creatively in order to expand their horizons, whether they decide to pursue a career in the arts, sciences, mathematics, technology, etc. However, with all the cuts to educational spending, the arts are usually the first things to go. The paper needs to create a sustained, in-depth argument supporting this point of view, while at the same time providing 1 or 2 counterarguments that need to be presented objectively and fairly. I need to have at least 12 sources, 1 of which needs to be a book. The others may come from a variety of sources such as scholarly journals, newspapers, popular magazines, government sites, films, and/or reliable web sites. I need the MLA citation system used for all in-text citations and a works-cited entry for all sources used, whether through quotes, paraphrases, summary, or even a quick general mention. In addition to the Bibliography, I will also need an Annotated Bibliography if possible. Thank you for all your help.

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