The Influence of the Media on the Emotional Lives of both Students and Teachers in the Classroom Custom Essay

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For this assignment, use the question of “how does the media influence the emotional lives of both students and teachers in the classroom ?” and select a recent article from a newspaper, magazine or website that corresponds with the topic to illustrate the claim that educational research speaks to many everyday real-world issues.

Alternatively, you can find a media article first on the topic then create corresponding questions on the same topic (e.g attachment, self-concept, peer relations, creativity, intelligence and schooling, gender issues, emotions etc). Expand the question in relation to relevant readings. For the media article, you can choose from various newspapers, magazines, or various websites.

Length: 5-7 pages
Include at least 5 academic references (In addition to the research and media article). Also please include the research and media article in the final copy to hand in with the paper.

**Customers Note: Please select a writer with a strong grasp of the english language that can use proper grammar, spelling, word choice and sentence structure, thanks**

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