The Major Historic Socio-Cultural Experiences of the Sudanese, Both in Their Homeland and in America custom essay

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Intext citation -Scholarly reference list -Highlight the Sudanese’s cultural history and major historical experiences in both their country and in the United States -Substantively discuss cultural life in the group’s homeland, prior to their journey to the US -Focus on the group within their homeland -Language traditions and how it transmitted their cultural, what happen to their language -How Sudan’s language transmitted and continues to transmit their cultural traditions, values, and world view, etc… some of the changing trends of language patterns -DO NOT PROVIDE A SYNTAX DISCUSSION OF THE GROUP’S LANGUAGE -DISCUSS sterotypes and verifications that defies their stereotypes -Discuss the impact of socio-cultural themes such as “isms”…ie sexism, ageism, etc… -Discuss some major patterns of the group’s life processes that essentially led to their immigration to the US…whether forced or voluntarly -Some adversities, both interms of leagilized and informal social structures, Sudanese faced when they came to the U.S. -DISCUSS their processes of culturalization were replaced with a process of acculturation when they came to the US -ISSUES od assimilation they faced as they sought to live successfully in US -What cultural changes took place in the new world -What was preserved and what was lost? -Conclude with some of the Sudnese historic TRUIMPHS while facing adversities.

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