The Meaning of Barack Obama; How is ‘race’ said to be both political and ‘an enlightenment issue’ as well? custom essay

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In addition, you may also discuss the article by Charles R. Johnson, “The Meaning of Barack Obama”.

Some questions for discussion from Dr. Johnson’s article (this article was written before Obama’s election in November, 2008, and was published in Shambhala Sun in 2009 during the first 100 days of Obama’s presidency):

1.How is ‘race’ said to be both political and ‘an enlightenment issue’ as well?

2.According to Richard White, as cited in the article, “race” is ‘socially constructed- what example does the author give?

3.Johnson discusses Barack Obama’s background (mother from Kansas, father from Kenya, multi-cultural childhood)- how does Johnson view terms such as ‘black’ and ‘white’?

4.How is Obama like a ‘blank slate? In what ways are the Obama family (Barack and Michelle) avatars? How is the Obama phenomenon said to be ‘evolutionary’?


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