The Praise of Folly custom essay

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The essay needs to be an argumentative essay on the book The Praise of Folly and Other Writings by Desiderius Erasmus (A Norton Critical Edition). The primary source is the book itself and I need two or three secondary sources. So, we need to give an argument about the book, we could choose whatever theme suits us from the book as long as it is argumentative (I found the letter to Martin Dorp on page 228 of the book to be very interesting so I would like to add that into the essay.) Also, secondary sources can be found at the end of the book under Critical Commentary, if you would like to choose the sources from there (At the end of The Praise of Folly it gives peoples perspectives and opinions). Like most essays, I need a strong thesis and to start off my paragraphs with topic sentences. Also, it needs to be a FULL 5 pages please! Paper must conform to MLA giudelines 7th edition. If you need to ask questions contact me at 5103727275, thank you 🙂

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