The Progress of Management (Blog Creation) custom essay

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The modern management era is known for its focus on managerial practices and principles as a more scientific undertaking. If fact, there has been a progression of managerial thoughts emanating during this era. Theorists Henri Fayol, Henry Mintzberg and Rosemary Stewart brought about some foundational concepts that have been expanded upon as we apply current management concepts. Fayol tended to look at best practices of various companies to adopt effective management practices. Mintzberg observed day-to-day work practices to gleam knowledge to share within the industry and Stewart was known for looking at the role of management based on the demand of the job along with other aspects.

Today, managerial thought has progressed from topics related to human resources, with the appreciation of various forms of diversity, total quality management, and eco-friendly supply chain logistics. In this section, you will assess modern management principles and concepts by outlining the progress of current managerial trends, current business development, and the human dimension of future business management.

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