The relationship between fashion and architecture in Vienna in the early 20th Century is well documented. With reference to Rebecca Houze’s essay ‘From Wiener Kunst im Hause to the Wiener Werkswtatte’ in Intimus (Taylor & Preston), discuss the concept of ‘Gesmkunktwerk’ and show three contemporary examples of how fashion has influenced contemporary spaces. custom essay

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Aims:To promote an understanding of the cultural aspect of buildings in history and evidence an understanding of building terminologies and materials.  To introduce design discourse and a variety of contexts relevant to interior design through historical studies.  To demonstrate an awareness of changing practices within trends and new technology at the forefront of the profession.  To initiate focused analysis, evaluation and research with regard to the study of interior design and its social, cultural and economic impact.  To develop research skills and methodologies in written communication. Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this module students will be expected to demonstrate the ability to:  Demonstrate an ability to research, evaluate and present written documentation at a high level, according to academic convention. ( e.g. references, illustrations, bibliography, appendices ).  Demonstrate a detailed analysis of a range of historical and /or contemporary source material.  Address and challenge possible relationships between design theory and design practice.  Demonstrate analysis, self evaluation and research into new materials, concepts and practices.  Generate a body of knowledge and a critical vocabulary drawn from historical and contemporary design practices. Assessment Criteria: The pass level for all assessment tasks is 40%. Assessment of the essay and the reference book will consider the level of achievement in relation to fulfilment of the learning outcomes with particular attention to the following:  Quality of research  Factual accuracy  Use of appropriate images and source material  Ability to communicate facts and ideas in writing (structure, expression, spelling & grammar)  Observations and application of academic standard conventions, Harvard Referencing System (standard forms of reference and bibliography)  Format, design, and presentation (design, layout, word processing)  Development of objective, ideas and conclusions (comprehension and insight)  Ability to use research to inform and present a piece of critical and reflective writing * Essays to make reference to suggested text, essential reading, and web-sources.

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