The Relationship between Income Distribution and Economic Growth in China custom essay

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Before to see my Guildline, I just want to know: would you like to keep all works for me which you are doing this paper?(data, where you get the data (website)) Thankyou!
According to my topic, the role of my economic theory, I plan to use the Growth Theory in Macroeconomices:
? Early Growth Accounting models emphasized growth in K,L,R,T to explain growth in GDP
? Predictions relate saving rate,rates of investment and population growth to growth in GDP
? More recent Endogenous Growth Models explain differences in markets and innovation across countries
? Most recent macro theories employ micro models (IO, representative consumer,etc.)

As Well, I upload Some Articles from my School Library Research Database Econlit, also, if you want to find an article from the Google Scholar, that’s also Ok.
Then, I will upload the Greenlaw Chapters 3 an 6, too.
Then, I also will upload the Research Proposal of my topic, which I hand in and was graded by my professor (From Zip. About My Research Proposal)
As well, I upload two Hypothesis paper from my previous paper of my friends, you can follow some of the format. (From Zip. Two Examples about others previous Hypothesis papers)

Research Methods in Economics
This report should be composed of two parts: (1) literature survey and (2) theory and hypothesis section. The entire report should be whole 6 pages double-spaced.

Literature Survey
? The purpose is to demonstrate that you have researched what others have done on your topic and that you understand this body of work.
? It’s more than a list of who did what. Instead, you need to show your understanding of the research literature.
? The survey should have a short introduction that reminds the reader of your topic and a short conclusion in which you summarize what you’ve learned from the past research literature and how that understanding contributes to your project.
? Read chapters 3 and 6 in Greenlaw. Carry out your literature survey as discussed in chapter 3 and the lectures. For at least three research articles which are most relevant to your topic, answer the questions in Table 6.1 of Greenlaw (see below).

Theory and Hypothesis
? Identify what is the relevant economic theory for your topic
? What does this theory tell you are the most important variables determining the variable in which you are interested?
? What is your research hypothesis?

These are the questions posed by Greenlaw in Table 6.1 of his textbook (p. 99):
1. What question is the author asking?
2. What answer does the author propose (i.e. what is the principal assertion of the study)?
3. In what ways does this study improve on previous research?
4. What are the major logical or theoretical reasons for the author’s argument?
5. What empirical evidence does the author provide?
6. What assumptions is the author making in his or her reasoning?

Things you should avoid;
1) Using others’ work without citation
2) Ignoring research that contradicts your hypothesis
3) Ignoring data problems
4) Altering regression to “improve” results
5) Failing to explain unexpected results

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