The Story of French by Jean-Beno’t Nadeau and Julie Barlow custom essay

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Work with the following text:
? The Story of French by Jean-Benot Nadeau and Julie Barlow (I will scan)
? You will only be using part of this text
? From the beginning of the excerpt (p.1) to the end of the paragraph at the top of page 5 (last sentence of paragraph: ?But working in both media worlds has given us a first-hand understanding of how differently anglophone and francophone Canadians see the world.)

Part A: Gists
1. List in point form your gists for each paragraph
TIP: You should aim for one sentence per paragraph (you may need two sentences for longer than average paragraphs).

Part B: Draft summary
1. Submit your first draft (Don’t edit at this point).

Part C: Editing Goals
1. Identify your goals for editing your draft condensed text,
TIP: Identify what the writers seek to achieve in this excerpt and any particular text logic or point of view issues you should maintain in the summarized text.

Part D: Final Summary Text
1. Provide your final edited version of your summary.
TIP: Make sure all the important information is included and that your text remains coherent as you move from sentence to sentence, i.e. that it respects the text logic of the original Nadeau and Barlow text.

INSTRUCTIONS: Use the Assignment format document for your test. Your assignment must not go over two pages: one page for Parts A and B, and one page for Parts C and D.

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