The United States US Prison Crisis Custom Essay

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For this assignment you must find an interesting and relevent article in the New York Times, the Washington Post, or the Economist Magazine and describe and analyze the article in a three page essay. The key to this assignment is how you relate the information in your article to concepts we read about and discuss in class. Do not simply tell what the article is about but also add analysis geared towards utilizing concepts drawn from our class. Granted, there certainy should be some space devoted to describing the article, but do not make your essay entirely a descriptive piece…Your essay should include a title page, a good introduction, and a conclusion. It should be double-spaced and use 11 or 12 pt font. Margins should be no larger than one inch. You should also include all of the information about your article including author’s name, date, page number (just don’t give a web address).

The US consists of 5% of the worlds total population, but 25% of the total prison population worldwide, write me an essay explaining how this happened, why it happened, who is affected, its effect on politics and the economy, and if it continues at this rate how it affects the united states.

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