The World Oil Prices Impact the International Trade Custom Essay

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1) A research project in which combines institutional knowledge, economic concepts, and independent data analysis. Papers must be related to world oil economics.

2) Write the paper in the style of an academic journal article and must reference at least 5 journal articles in economics or a related fi eld; business magazines and newspapers are not acceptable as academic references.

3) The paper should has: i) an introduction to what the paper is about ii) a section that sets out the concepts developed in the paper and hypotheses that are to be tested iii) description of how the data are collected and some descriptive statistics iv) the application of statistical tools to the data to test the hypothesis developed in section (ii) above v) a conclusion of what has been learned from the research, how it relates to policy, and how industry might bene t from it.

4) Use footnotes to reference the sources of a fact, statistic, or idea that is not your own and to reference the source of a direct quotation.

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