Theories of Public Relations Custom Essay

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Question 1
Communitarianism versus Liberalism Meta-Theories for Framing Theories of Public Relations
In Heath’s 2001 text, theorists for communitarianism argue that classical liberalism focuses too much on the ontological spectrum — with too much emphasis placed on the individual being (their ideals, values, etc.) rather than the community group shaping the individual’s ideals, traditions, etc. Communitarians believe that the community exists with or without any given individual, and that it will continue to thrive and exist in the absence of specific persons.
What do you think? Do you feel that existing communities shape the individual, or that individuals come together to shape the group? How do you think your answer could shape the development of a theory of public relations?
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Question 2
In Wilcox and Cameron’s Public Relations Strategies and Tactics (page 52), Grunig’s 2-way symmetrical model is discussed. In light of all you’ve read this week, do you believe Grunig’s model represents a reasonable approach to the study of public relations? Why or why not?

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