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The final section of the Clark and Brody textbook includes ten separate essays on ten design things. The goal of this paper is to take one of the final essays from the textbook and expand on one facet of that essay that you find intriguing. I do not want you to restate what the authors have already written, but I do want you to use their essays as a starting point to dig deeper into a topic of your choice. Here are a few possible examples:
A. After reading the Votolato essay on the Bullet Train, you may want to investigate how new technology facilitated the remarkable design of the train.
B. After reading the Yelavich essay on Swatch, you may want to investigate how watch design has evolved since the advent of digital technology. Or, you may want to explore a facet of the luxury watch market. Or, what about the fake watch market?
C. After reading the Williamson essay on the bicycle, you may want to explore how some cities use bicycles to design different forms of transportation systems.
D. After reading the Gill essay on sneakers, you may want to explore the relationship between the athletic shoe industry and fashion designers. For instance, you could examine Yoji Yamamoto’s sneakers that he creates for Y3.
E. You may not write a paper on the cell phone.
F. Please do not do write a paper on a topic that exactly mirrors the topic of the essay from the book.

The goal is to write a well-thought-out and organized research paper that evolves out of one of these ten essays.

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