This is a three-entry annotated webography Custom Essay

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This is a three-entry annotated webography.

Find three websites that pertain to ONE of the following topics; ancient Nubia, medieval Ethiopia, the Swahili Coast, medieval Ghana, medieval Mali, medieval Songhai, the forest kingdom of Ghana, the forest kingdom of Benin, the Transatlantic Slave Trade, slavery in Brazil, slavery in Jamaica, slavery in Mexico, slavery in Spanish Florida, slavery in French Louisiana, or slavery in Virginia.

Your 3 websites should focus on one of the above topics. List all three sites, with a one or two line description for each one. Then write a 150-200 words summary of all 3 sites,
-One topic one page( 150-200 words)
-For three topics write one pages each.
-Write the websites link in URL format for each on each page

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