Transformative Learning in the Ecological Context custom essay

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Please make an in-depth exploration of theories related to environmental education. The body of this final paper should be 4,500 words long, with another 500 words devoted to your reflective epilogue. The conclusion to the main part of your paper should be a synthesis of your thinking at the theoretical and pedagogical levels. In your critical review, please reflect on transformative experiences in ecological setting. Talk about our interconnectedness with the nature and our dependence on it. Point out all findings that are consistent with [and say what] Mezirow?s theories of transformative learning. Please, read the article Transformational Learning in Botswana: How Culture Shapes the Process? by Sharan B. Merriam and Gabo Ntseane, not because it is directly related to what I would like you to write about, but because of the way how the article is structured. It is also available in the Readings File. Please, make sure the paper is well organized throughout, your focus in the paper be on the real purpose of the paper, which is to select and use those transformative learning theories which you are applying in your perceptions and recommendations for change. Please, provide a good background on transformative learning in the ecological context and on the learners of who it may concern. Please, offer a variety of situations for transformative learning in the context of ecology, and delineate the benefits of such learning by using both new technology and TEK (traditional ecological knowledge). Base your recommendations on the CONSTRUCTIVIST LEARNING ENVIRONMENT. After you have read through the assigned literature, please, submit an outline ( a brief one). And to familiarize yourself with the theories of Transformative learning, I suggest articles from jack Mezirow: Learning to Think Like an Adult Core Concepts of Transformation Theory (Please, do not quote any other articles/authors than the ones recommended)

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