Types of Essays and Comparative Essay

There exists an A-Z list of types of essays. Most popular types of essays include, but of course not limited to, admission, argumentative, comparison, critical, cause and effect, definition, deductive, expository, informal, literature analysis, narrative, personal, persuasive, research, response and scholarship essays. Some of these essays will be discussed briefly in the sections that follow.

Expository type of essay is precisely meant to give direction on how a specific task should be carried out. Details contained in products’ instruction manuals are perfect example of expository type of essay.
The title ‘cause and effect’ essay leaves little to imagination. This type of essay focuses on a situation, condition, or topic and asks the question why. The why part of this essay is what is referred to as “cause”. The answer to the question is the result or what is in this case referred to as “effect”.

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Comparative essays simply show the differences, and/or similarities of two objects, topics or conditions. Most likely subject matter in this type of essays is persons, ideas, places, things and conditions.
Argumentative or “pros and cons” essays are used to show personal thoughts or opinions regarding an ordinary or controversial issue. Basically, writers of this type of essays present their opinions and then refute them. The conclusion of the essay may/may not clearly give the authors supported side.

Literary analysis essays are also popular types of essays that authors find themselves writing at one stage of their writing career. As the name suggests, literary essays involve a critical analysis of works of other people. They are also referred to as critical review essays. The contents of this type of essay specifically focus on the strengths and weaknesses of a published piece of work. Suggestions of what ought to have been incorporated, or left out may be included in a literary analysis essay. primeessaywritings.com ❶ Types of Essays

Comparative Essay

As the title suggests, comparative essays, entirely have to do with comparison. Another type of essays that comes closer to this is the argumentative essays. While comparative essays delve much on objects, argumentative essays are concerned with issues. However, there are times when the two types of essays overlap, implying that the terms can be used interchangeably. So what are unique features of comparative essays? Normally, comparative essays only differ from other types of essays only on content, but share almost all other features.

Like any other types of essays, comparative essays begin with a thesis statement. On this section (or sentence), an author alerts a reader on what is being compared and which side he or she has taken. In the immediate ensuing section, an author affords to the reader details that led him or her to side with A and not B. Although personal thoughts of the author should be reflected here, proper citation of other authors’ work should be incorporated.

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After giving one side of the comparison, an author should proceed to give the other side of the story. As a rule, sides should not be taken in this section. An author should leave the readers to judge for themselves. To achieve neutrality; authors are required to use a neutral tone on this section of the comparative essay. After discussing side B of the subject matter, the final section should be introduced.
In the third and the final section, authors should link sides A and B. The purpose of this section of a comparative essay is to show systematic relationship of sides A and B. Without it, readers may not know how the two objects of comparison are related to each other. In comparative essays, the discussion, especially the third section should be rich in transitional expressions. This means that a comparative essay that does not use expressions such as conversely, on the other hand, contrary, however, and so on may not qualify as one. Other tools of comparison like west/east, young/old among others may also form part of a comparative essay. Buy a Comparative Essay from Prime Essay Writingsprimeessaywritings.com ❶ Comparative Essay

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