Uae Cybercrime Laws Essay – Discuss The Current Legislation Here In The Uae To Fight Cybercrime. What Are The Main Types Of Laws That Other Countries Have For Cybercrime? Have There Been Any Big Cybercrimes Here In The Uae? Essay

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Please form a team of two and choose a project from the list below. Each team must do a different project. When you have chosen your project please register it with me.

Research the topic and then.

(1) Prepare about a technical report, and prepare an 8 minute presentation

Prepare your report carefully. To achieve a good grade your work needs to be clear, concise, well written, in a technical format with proper referencing. Write in your own words – marks will be lost if sections of the report are taken directly from another source. Marks will be lost for grammatical and spelling errors.

The presentation should be equally divided among the presenters (i.e 4 minutes each). Marks will be awarded for
• Structure of presentation and description of your findings
• Presentation skills
• Quality of your slides

If you have not previously given a presentation you should do some research on “how to give an effective presentation”. A lot of information is available on the Internet. Here are a few important points:
• Be natural and talk to the audience – just like you are telling them a story
• Maintain eye contact with the audience and look at every person in the eyes for a few seconds
• Do not read the slides (you should know your material well)
• Do not read from prepared notes
• Do not put too much information on the slides. It is best to just put main points
• Do not stand motionless – walk and talk and move your hands

UAE Cybercrime Laws
Discuss the current legislation here in the UAE to fight cybercrime. What are the main types of laws that other countries have for cybercrime? Have there been any big cybercrimes here in the UAE?

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