Using the website and other sources on the internet media Custom Essay

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using the website and other sources on the internet media, try to understand the brand meaning. The brand is dyson. there website is
in a clear, simple, brief and detailed ONLY IN BULLET POINTS talk about the three aspects of the company 1. Brand Belifs: talk about the belief of the brand that defines them and destingish it from other brands (e.g: no animal testing-no chemicals-charity project–innovation-research and development-good managment and pay). try to find out what the company belives and provide very brief examples 2.Brand current health: what challenges do they face? competetion? current health of the company? are they growing or losing shares? are they expanding or no? and etc 3. Key issues: what issues the company needs to address? what are the oppertunities in the market place? what could they do to improve or develope or change or advance?

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