Visual Art/Paintings Paintings Frida Kahlo Essay custom essay

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The paper must be about Frida Kahlo
Human Expression: Visual Art/Paintings

Write a one-page paper (NO MORE than 500 words and NO LESS than
400), which is typed, single-spaced, with a title, and which
includes the following information:
**a brief summary on the selected person,
**a brief summary about how this person?s expresses himself/herself
through their preferred medium (in this case PAINTINGS/VISUAL ART) and how it reflects on the values we focused on(in this case LOVE),
**a brief summary about how this person?s work has had an impact
on culture and/or society, and
**a brief note about how this person?s work has inspired you.

NOTE: When you’ll write about ‘the values we focused on’, it refers to the passionate LOVE that Frida felt for her husband Diego and how was reflected on her paintings.

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