Vulnerable Population; Identify a barrier to decreasing a health disparity in a vulnerable population custom essay

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? Identify a barrier to decreasing a health disparity in a vulnerable population.

? Evaluate your workplace for presence of barriers in understanding vulnerability.dEATH AND DYING WITH DIFFERENT CULTURES, BELIEFS AND RITUALS-TEACHING TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM STAFF

? Use the action plan approved by your facilitator to complete this assignment.

? Develop your action plan with the objective of increasing awareness of vulnerability based on culture, illness or disease, or a goal of Healthy People 2020.

? Design materials that raise awareness about a specific vulnerable population. You can teach a class, create a poster for display in your unit, design a brochure for staff, or another creative approach. Include the following elements:TOPIC-AUDIENCE-EMERGENCY ROOM-TOPIC CULTURAL/RELIGIOUS/ETHNIC BELIEFS AND RITUALS FOR THE DEATH AND DYING PATIENT

o An audio or visual aid as a tool to your action plan
o Three integrated course concepts
o Other applicable materials such as the teaching aid developed, digital photos, a copy of the brochure, and an outline of the teaching plan, as appropriate

? Write a 700- to 1,500-word report describing experience in the workplace. Describe the concepts that were the project?s focus, results, and possibilities for future change.

? Include citations for at least four references.

? Format your paper consistent APA guidelines.

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