Waterlily English Custom Essay

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Read these directions carefully. Below are some quotes from Waterlily. Choose three (3) quotes, and explain each one thoroughly (at least 250 words, no maximum). Be sure to do the following: identify the context (what was happening just before and just after the quote); explain the quote briefly; and discuss the quote in terms of the rest of the novel.

1.”Almost from the beginning everyone could declare, ‘I am not afraid; I have relatives.’ To be cast out from one’s relatives was literally to be lost. To return to them was to recover one’s rightful haven” (p. 20).

2.”On learning of their plight and their recent tragedy, the magistrates sent the crier out from the council tipi to announce their arrival and rally the people to their aid” (p. 11).

3.”For a moment his wistfulness had stirred her pity and she was almost irresistibly tempted to break down and confess but she had checked herself in time. For deep down in her heart she knew that she would never tell, never!” (p. 226)

4.”In spite of this rule, the eldest mother-in-law . . . occasionally overstepped by talking directly and in a chummy way to Waterlily. This surprised the girl, for she had never before met a woman so independent of the avoidance taboo” (p. 165).

5.”You are now of woman’s stature and have come to woman’s estate. You are no longer a child. . . . If you are able to do your own thinking, you will see what a good relative would want to do” (p. 153).

5.”For there was brought together, into one great religious event, the fulfillment of all the vows that men in their distress had made during the preceding year” (p. 113).

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