Web Site Report Essay

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2. Produce an individual report which covers the following topic areas:
A. the process for developing the site and requirements analysis;
B. conceptual design and physical design issues;
C. an evaluation of the completed site.

2.The report element is an individual piece of work and each assignment must be completed independently. Although it is permissible and expected for you to discuss issues and use modeling examples drawn from the group work to illustrate your individual assignment, each student will organise and describe the process for conducting the development differently in their own words and also engage in a good degree of personal reflection. A student will not be eligible for the highest grades if he or she does not demonstrate a clear ability to think independently. It will be in the student’s own best interest to maintain a log of activities and thinking engaged in during the development process to aid them in writing up the report. Reports should contain good evidence of practical work which they have undertaken to evaluate the development work and completed site.

Students who collaborate during the writing of the report will have their work marked down. You should aim to write about 3000 words for your report.
Credit will be given throughout the assignment for showing evidence of appropriate wider reading. Your sources must be clearly shown in a bibliography.

This module introduces students to practical and theoretical aspects of electronic media and communications, with a particular focus on the use of the Internet to support an organisation’s public information and communication requirements.

Learning Outcomes
On completion of this module the student should be able to:
– Evaluate critically theories of Internet navigation and use
– Apply research-based approaches to the design and implementation of a usable Web application
– Evaluate critically understandings of the role, evolution and techniques for supporting virtual community and collaboration
– Apply selected techniques to the evaluation of a Web application

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