Website Review (Organizational Dynamics and Human Behavior) Custom Essay

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Website Review (masters level – Organizational Dynamics and Human Behavior)
Please see uploaded PDF Organizational_Dynamics_and_Human_Behavior_ch12. Then choose a website to answers the questions

This assignment is designed to make you critically analyze the content of your assigned chapter in the text. Each chapter has a main topic area and several sub-topics. You can choose from any of these like Social Power and Empowerment. Your goal is, once identifying the specific area you will focus on from the chapter, to search out on interesting and exciting web site anywhere on the World Wide Web. These can be commercial, non-profit, or academic in nature ? but the web site MUST be related to your chapter content.

Note: Do NOT simply find an article on the topic? you need to find a web site that discusses your topic. The more interactive and interesting the better!

After you find a web-site, you MUST answer the following questions.

1. What is the topic area this website covers?
2. Why is it an appropriate site for this topic?
3 What are the key learning points or take-aways from the site as they relate to the topic?
4. What is your overall evaluation of this website? Describe its value to the topic area.
5. What made you select this site for review over others that you looked at?

See a sample Website_Review sample.doc for format, APA not necessary

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