what are the resources that will help me succeed in the first year at my University custom essay

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Write your analysis paragraph on the resources that will help you succeed in the university in your first year. In this case, resources can be people, textbooks, programs (like the writing center or the math lab or something like that), community (friends, roommates, neighbors, etc.), IUPUI organizations (like OIA), etc.

Choose 3; analyze how each can help you succeed in your first year. Be sure to use the paragraph structure indicated in the class notes.

Must have topic sentence that introduces the object being analyzed (the study group) and the 3 general dimensions/components that your paragraph will focus on (see 1st post in chatroom)
Must have 3 supporting points (the 3 general dimensions/components
Each supporting point must have at least one detail/inference about it
Must have a concluding sentence

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