What Does the Leader of the Future Look Like? custom essay

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Final Project The final project is a 10-15 page research paper that answers the question, “What does the leader of the future look like?” Based on the content you’ve learned and discussed in the course, and your own experiences, minimally include the following: * What new and distinctive challenges does the new leader face? * What does a blueprint for dynamic planning look like? * What disciplines or areas must the new leader focus on? * What lessons have past leadership behaviors taught us? * What type of leadership will the current and next generation look for? Expectations: * Expand the thinking of Leadership through other research beyond the scope of the class readings. Minimally, include three new sources of your research. * Add your own critical thinking to the concepts and use other research to support your own thinking. * Include 1/3 of the content as new, 1/3 from class readings/information and 1/3 from your own experiences. * Provide examples of organizations which have successfully implemented innovative management/leadership processes. APA guidelines apply…please include a table of contents. Your paper is due by Saturday, March 5th, at Midnight. Submit in Unit 8. Good luck and have fun! Abstract page and table of contents is required. Thank you so much for the papers, so far I’ve gotten all A’s. I know I couldn’t have gotten them myself, so I don’t know what I’d do without you!! Thanks, Ruby

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