What happens to the students who are shy and do not make friends easily Custom Essay

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Reading East Eats West: Writing in Two Hemispheres by Andrew Lam
From page 5 to page 22

NOTE: The journal must be at least one and a half pages; it cannot be shorter, but it can be longer. It, more than likely, will be longer.

Ode to the Bay Wild, Wild East
* language affects reaction * memories at 5 happy
* at 12 he goes to school * 9 experience death
* he does not speak English * 11 leaves country
* he makes friends * ……….
* many languages in the Bay * ……….
* technology crosses borders
* ………….

In the book, East eats West, the author’s explains in his essay “Ode to the Bay,” what it is like to experience a change of culture and a change of language as a child arriving in America. Language change affects one’s reaction. He was twelve years old when he arrived in America he did not respond to the English language. In school he made friends by using physical gestures. He explains that he now knows that the Bay area is diverse. There are many languages spoken. He notices that technology allows many people to communicate across borders. ………
In the essay, “Wild, Wild East,” he shares his memories. At five he is happy at home with his toys; at nine one of his heroes dies; at eleven he leaves his country because of war. In America he experiences prejudice………..

Personal Response:
In my opinion Lam captures the feelings of immigrants very well. I visited San Francisco and it is like he says. There are many people and many languages. As a teacher I’ve seen students being mean to foreign students….

1. What happens to the students who are shy and do not make friends easily?

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